Our team will sit down with you to create the best ideas for the campaign. This will include which Influencers to target, which platforms to use, and the messages you aim to convey. Getting you all set up to make your approach.


So this is where we approach our Influencers to discuss, negotiate, conceptualise and design a thorough response to brief for you. Saving you the time of going through this process with several different Influencers. Our relationships are already in place to provide a speedy response for you. 


  Once you're happy with the brief and ready to proceed, we handle everything for you. Working with the Influencers to generate the best content for your campaign, providing support and feedback along the way, with a wonderful analysis of the results at the end. 


We love talking to people from different industries about the power of influencer marketing. Sometimes a conversation is all it takes to change your brand. Tea or Coffee? 

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Email: hello@parental-influence.com