So What Are We?

Parental Influence is an Influencer Marketing Agency marrying brands and social influencers together to make one big happy family. We aim to create amazing content, and do all the hard work for you.

Why Parental Influence?

In a market that tends to place automation above relationships, and speed above quality. We aim to be the guiding light within the Influencer space. Parental Influence is all about pointing true north in an industry that’s yet to find its compass. If we can do something which is ethically right, and adds value to the way an Influencer can work, or how a brand can work with them, we want to lead the way.



Mark Dandy


Originally hailing from the small North Western Town of Bury in Greater Manchester, Mark attended the University of Surrey graduating with a degree in Business Management with a focus on Marketing Strategy and Communications. After a small period working in personal banking, Mark decided to pursue a career in Media Sales. Having worked side by side with Media and Digital Agencies to fulfill their advertising buying requirements, Mark decided the way agencies were operating was no longer a benefit to their clients or their suppliers, and wanted to make a change. Mark has researched intensively into how brands engage customers in a meaningful and creative way and plans to bring that thought process to the Influencer Marketing landscape. Ever wondered why you order a Vodka RedBull™ at the bar, no matter what brand is on offer?